Quantum Touch and Crystal   Healing are forms of vibrational therapy.

Every thing and everybody carries a vibration and vibrations can change at any given time. For example if

we are happy our vibration is high if we are sad or unwell our vibration
is low.

With vibrational therapy   the practitioner assists you by raising   your vibration to a point where your body can begin to heal itself.

The practitioner does this by holding a vibration, or resonance, which ideally your body will match. Much like when frogs or cicadas all croak or chirp   in time with each other, or when women live together they begin to cycle together and I don't mean on a push bike!

REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE THE HEALER AND NO ONE ELSE.   - The definition of a healer is "someone who was sick and got well". No one else can "heal" you. We simply assist your bodies' own existing innate intelligence for healing.


During the first session we will complete a comprehensive medical history, so please give yourself up to 90mins for that session.  At the start of the following sessions we will discuss the areas that need attention that day, you should give yourself at least 70mins for those  sessions.  

We then work together to address the issues that need healing that day, using crystals and Quantum Touch. 



The session commences with a Crystal Chakra balance to align and activate your chakras to promote your healing. After the the chakra balance we will work on any areas still showing up with problems. The energy work during the sessions lasts for approximately 1 hour.

You will be filtered water for your enjoyment and health benefit and should be finished prior to leaving after your session.


During your session, you

will remain fully clothed at all times

and no private areas are touched.

When you come for your session please wear lose fitting clothes with no leather or perfume.  



Common Phenomena seen using Quantum-touch

Alignment of bones and skeletal structure

Improved Fertility

Muscle relaxation

General feeling of well being and relaxation.

Inflammation reduced

Pain relief

Acceleration of healing

Emotional and psychological relief

Induction of sleep or deep meditation

Healing deformed or broken bones.

Just to mention a few.

(see Healing stories page and also www.quantumtouch.com for case studies)

Following your session you will relax on the overstuffed lounges and enjoy a large glass of spring water - until you feel ready to leave. No rushing out the door.